TruePoint Health marketplace for wellness and coaching

Compare providers, select wellness treatment options, and make purchases at the touch of a fingertip—the TruePoint Health Marketplace—all for the first time, all in one app!

A digital support system

Truepoint Health Lifestyle does the heavy lifting of finding an online therapist for you. In essence, the app gives users access to the complete rundown of TruePoint Health -verified, board-certified providers, enabling them to pick-and-choose what they ask for and receive within the available mental health marketplace.

That brings the care you need—direct to your smartphone—eliminating the hassle of going through an unfiltered Google listing of ads, news stories, and press releases—just to find a few names and credentials that ring true.

Wellness services


How it works

Benefits and Features of Truepoint Health

Electronic medical record (EMR) retrieval and storage in one place ** Track vital signs, calorie counts, and fitness readings ** Telehealth counseling with Truepoint Health -verified, board-certified physicians and wellness coaches **Easy, at-home lab test ordering **Get free, same-day prescription delivery*